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The Laurels – Pet Center, Cemetery & Aquamation Center Claimed

For The Love of Our Pets.

The Laurels is a beautifully designed cemetery and center specially created to honor your pet’s memory.

Conveniently located on the grounds of West Laurel Hill in a distinct area, The Laurels is a private serene sanctuary; a perfect resting place for your special family member. This three acre landscaped and wooded property includes a walking trail for loved ones to enjoy while visiting and remembering.

Our caring and professional staff has served families since 1869 and will tend to your pet in the same loving, respectful and exceptional way. Our pet packages offer dignified services and a final resting place for your pet.


With excellence in mind, we offer private visitations and intimate memorial services in our cozy pet center.

Burial Options:

There are various pet packages available.

If you choose ground burial for your pet; small, medium or large property packages are available. All packages include: transfer, casket, property, grave-side service, interment, and marker.

You may decide on cremation for your pet however wish to choose a final resting place; cremation properties and a scattering garden are available. All packages include: cremation, urn, property, grave-side service, interment and marker.


In lieu of traditional cremation, we offer eco-friendly Aquamation for your pet. Should you wish to choose a final resting place after Aquamation, property packages and a scattering garden are available.

Grief Support:

Grief is a personal experience; one you need not face alone. Many forms of support are available, including local pet bereavement groups, pet -loss support hotlines, books and more.

Your pet has given you and your family years of joy and unconditional love, so we understand how deeply you love your pet and how much they mean to you.